Vasona Networks raises bar for improved mobile video experience quality

Vasona Networks, Inc., a provider of platforms for better mobile user experiences, capacity and resource utilization, today announces Smart Guided Video Rate (SmartGVR) to achieve the best mobile video experiences. SmartGVR sharply reduces interruptions that hurt mobile viewing experiences. It is available as an add-on feature for the Vasona SmartAIR™ mobile traffic management platform and the virtualized Vasona SmartAIR Edge Services Platform (ESP) architecture.

SmartGVR supports real-time communication between operators and content providers about video streams, including those that are encrypted. The solution guides video servers to the best sustainable rate based on recent cell performance, current conditions, anticipated traffic from queued flows and user device capabilities. This ensures video apps get a bitrate that balances rich play with stability, versus adjusting up and down constantly which can introduce stalls, blurry quality and inconsistent delivery. Video rate guidance is immediately updated when a user moves between cells and conditions change abruptly.

SmartGVR is deployed in conjunction with existing Vasona traffic management capabilities that focus on managing contention between traffic flows during congestion. In preliminary field trial results of 100,000 video streams with SmartGVR activated, stalls were reduced by more than 20%. This was achieved on top of existing SmartAIR performance gains, which improves video bitrate performance by as much as 30% during congestion with latency reductions of around 35%.

“When it comes to providing the best video experiences, knowledge of the cell state in real-time and capabilities to work with encrypted streams are paramount,” says John Reister, vice president of marketing and product for Vasona Networks. “SmartGVR underscores the power of our versatile and modular Edge Services Platform approach by combining with established Vasona traffic management applications for operators to provide the best experiences at this crucial time for their video offerings.”

SmartGVR opens the door to closer collaboration between operators and content providers on video experiences. The Vasona solution is further distinguished by a hands-off approach when there is no congestion, maximizing throughput, streaming quality and service uptake whenever possible. Implementation capabilities of SmartGVR via SmartAIR ESP provide operators an architectural path forward as they contemplate such initiatives as Mobile Edge Computing (MEC).

Vasona Networks is exhibiting in Hall 5 at Mobile World Congress this week and participate in the “New Paradigms For Delivering Cost Effective Network QoE” session at the event.