Can 5G Make Smart Glasses Cool?

Yet an AR experience wearing glasses makes too much sense not to happen. And using 5G as a bridge to handle a lot of the processing power separate from the device itself could enable smaller and sharper designs.

It’s just one of the ways that 5G — the hottest topic at MWC — is poised to change your life with a faster, more responsive data network. One of the potential benefits is a called “edge computing.” It’s the idea that some of the processing and number crunching that’s currently done by devices — anything from phones to cars — can be rerouted to a nearby network server handled by the carrier.

In an interview on Monday, AT&T Chief Technology Officer Andre Fuetsch talked about the possibility of using edge computing to handle the massive amounts of data that will come out of cars in the next few years. Vasona Networks, another company at MWC, is showing off an edge computing application that allows a Galaxy S8 to play the PC version of Doom in all its high-res glory with an LTE connection. The processing of Doom, which could never run on a smartphone by itself, is actually done on a cloud service run by another company called LiquidSky. The connection and latency is fast enough that gamers don’t notice that the computer running the game is located elsewhere.

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