Top Mobile Operator in Americas Deploys Vasona Networks Edge Platform Nationally

Company’s edge-computing software now rolled out in Europe, Middle East and the Americas to power better mobile customer experiences, save radio network capacity

Vasona Networks, Inc, which provides mobile edge software for better user experiences and network capital efficiency, today announced a national deployment with a top mobile network operator in the Americas. The operator will roll out Vasona’s edge-based SmartAIR® platform for traffic management across key cities throughout the country to improve customer experiences during frequent periods of data congestion.

This latest rollout marks Vasona deployments in three of the four largest countries in the Americas. Worldwide, the company’s edge solutions are deployed in more than 150,000 3G and LTE cells. These deployments provide better customer experiences for more than 100 million subscribers while helping operators maximize efficiency of scarce RAN capacity. This includes managing more than 1 billion monthly video sessions to improve quality based on real-time cell capacity and the needs of other latency-sensitive services that compete for bandwidth. Vasona’s work with mobile operators includes use of next-gen multi-access edge computing apps that support a smooth transition to 5G.

“Operators are prioritizing mobile network changes to meet the demands of a diverse subscriber base,” said Biren Sood, CEO of Vasona Networks. “Vasona is proven to deliver solid improvements across video, web browsing, social media, mobile gaming, and other important apps and services. As our customers plan for new opportunities like connected vehicles, industrial IoT, agriculture and smart cities, they can deploy our software-based platforms today to lay a foundation based on the intelligent edge for a smooth journey to 5G.”

Recently, Vasona and Bain & Company published a paper showing that operators could improve customer experiences during high network usage by up to 30% and gain higher capital efficiency by focusing network investments on quality-based upgrades that customers can feel.

The SmartAIR platform adapts the network to the broad array of application demands on the network so operators can create tailored offerings that drive new revenue opportunities. This includes the ability to add services quickly while gaining much-needed flexibility, efficiency and agility to meet future needs. The company has pioneered delivery of MEC market solutions, including its SmartAIR Virtual Edge Services Platform (SmartAIR vESP) that virtualizes all Vasona traffic management capabilities for emerging software-based architectures. Vasona’s Edge Breakout and Smart Guided Video Rate MEC applications have demonstrated the ability to address emerging operator opportunities as customers seek new, customized media experiences that demand stringent network performance.

About Vasona Networks

Mobile operators work with Vasona Networks to deliver better user experiences, make smarter use of network investments today and tomorrow, and save money. Vasona collaborates with mobile network operators globally to overcome network challenges and pursue opportunities on the road to 5G with edge-based (MEC) solutions that offer real-time insight and control of mobile data traffic. The company’s standards-based software platforms at the mobile edge deliver intelligent solutions that meet evolving end-user and network-capacity demands and enable decision making closer to the customer to create a flexible, intelligent, and responsive mobile network. Vasona has deployments in major networks around the world and has received investments from Bessemer Venture Partners, New Venture Partners and NexStar Partners. Vasona Networks was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in San Jose, Calif. with offices worldwide. For more information, visit and @vasonanetworks.