Why the next ‘uncarrier’ needs to be the automotive industry

As mobile operators speed towards 5G, automotive companies are in a race of their own. Autonomous and connected vehicle initiatives have become priorities for established and emerging players alike – Uber, Waymo, Volvo, Tesla, GM, Ford, BMW – the list goes on.

Successful connected and autonomous-vehicle strategies will require bulletproof wireless connectivity. Stakeholders in this expanding industry have stars (and dollar signs) in their eyes when they dream about where 5G and edge computing can take them. After all, the mobile industry has promised the world, from high bandwidth and low latency to eventual ubiquity. Yes, next-generation networks will be capable of supporting evolving automotive connectivity needs. But these likely won’t interoperate, and that’s a major hurdle that stands in the way of consistent customer experiences.

If the automotive industry wants to ensure the success of a critical component of its future business, it should consider taking a much larger role in how the networks that support them are built and managed. In fact, if they work with their operator partners to build a global MVNO from the ground up, they will have better control over the process and business outcomes.

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