SmartVISION® Measurement and Analytics

Data and visibility drive the management of emergency network issues as well as long-term planning. Vasona SmartVISION analytics software suite provides both real-time and historical insights into data service performance to support comprehensive RAN behavior analysis. SmartVISION is deployed in Network Operations Centers to help teams visualize and analyze user activity, content sources, available bandwidth and more to guide live troubleshooting and intelligent decision-making.

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View each cell and device in real time, including bandwidth, services, control plane activity, sessions and applications used. Analyze network performance and user experience via a dashboard.

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Access historical cell-level RAN data to identify trends in cell performance and inform network planning to better utilize capacity. Determine factors that affect cell performance and where upgrades may be needed.

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Scale to manage multiple SmartAIR platforms. Centralize control, automatically back-up nodes and set alarm thresholds for speedy problem resolution.

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Add SmartCONNECT™ to share real-time data with third-party analytics or policy systems via APIs.