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Vasona Networks’ SmartAIR® maximizes the RAN’s ability to keep pace with increasing demand and deliver great customer experiences. It drives significant savings. How? It extends the life of new and existing RAN investments and reduces the need for new cell-sector-carriers. Invest in better quality experiences.

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Deliver Better Quality on Every Network Investment

Qoi Equation Diagram

Operators that make network investments in areas with the greatest impact on customer experience can better maintain or increase market share and pricing power. Vasona Networks partnered with Bain and Company to guide operator customer investments toward new measurements aligned with the ways customers actually use the network.

With a Quality on Investment (QoI) approach, operators are using edge solutions to achieve better service while simultaneously allocating resources more efficiently. QOI provides fact-based proof points for investments that result in improved and more predictable experiences.

Using QoI-oriented planning, operators can:

  • Achieve up to 30% improvement in customer usage experiences for the same level of investment by changing 20% of planned projects.
  • Cut up to 10% from capex spending while increasing Net Promoter Scores.

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How much can you save?

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