SmartAIR® Edge Solution

Maximize the value of RAN investments and deliver superior wireless experiences from the mobile edge with Vasona’s MEC solution.

Location matters. That’s why our solutions function at the mobile edge. From an aggregation point between the radio access network (RAN) and the core network, Vasona’s SmartAIR® reacts quickly to end-user network demands and acts to address threats to quality of experience (QoE) precisely where and when they are detected.

Vasona’s standards-based software intelligently improves QoE and creates an ideal ecosystem for low-latency services. We help our customers focus investments to create a more flexible, intelligent and responsive mobile network that can be tuned at the individual cell level.

To meet the needs of operator networks today and tomorrow, SmartAIR is available as both an appliance and a virtualized solution.

Virtual Network Function Implementation

Vasona SmartAIR Virtual Edge Services Platform (SmartAIR vESP) virtualizes all of our capabilities for emerging software-based architectures.

SmartAIR vESP exposes open APIs that give third-party application developers the power to access RAN characteristics and traffic functions, including details about real-time cell congestion conditions. Flexibility, agility and a competitive edge to create new value-added services that add revenue to the bottom line – it’s all at your fingertips.

Operators are using SmartAIR ESP to jumpstart network transformation initiatives on the path to 5G.

Vasona’s SmartAIR:

  • Supports Classification of Encrypted Flows: Manage busy-hour network traffic, including HTTPS and QUIC
  • Delivers Best-In-Class Video: Improve streaming-media QoE by shaping and guiding session rates to match current cell conditions
  • Supports Granular App Performance: Precisely manage app performance by time and location demands at the cell level
  • Achieves a More Flexible Network: Transition to an agile RAN via an edge (MEC) software platform to support multi-vendor  4G/5G technology and future low-latency services
  • Allocates Resources Intelligently: Network slicing by classifying  traffic flow, mapping it into slices and making sure each slice gets the resources it needs dynamically.

Device to Cell Mapping

Identify which user flows contend for cell resources and track all handovers

Session / Application Classification

Classify flows to applications and groups in each cell

Real-Time Congestion Detection

Build a real-time view of the RAN and detect cell congestion

Traffic Management

Improve quality of experience for time-sensitive traffic

Applications for Better Network Performance

Mobile Throughput Guidance reduces video start delays and stall times by guiding video rates to the best-possible sustainable rate a cell can support at any given moment. Vasona’s Smart Guided Video Rate (GVR) application suite is the first deployed MEC use case. It guides videos in congested cells to the best sustainable bitrate via continuous communication and feedback between operators and content providers. The result is an uninterrupted stream with consistent quality.

Video-Rate Shaping creates a consistent QoE and avoids sending the cell more than it can handle. Vasona’s SmartGVR Rate Shaping ensures fairness between video streams within a cell and shapes egress rates either to match bitrate to sustainable cell capacity or to set a maximum rate, based on cell location, time and congestion level.

Cell Auto Tuning measures and learns cell characteristics to deliver a smooth and reliable experience to the most mobile users. Vasona’s SmartTUNING analyzes current demand profiles and adapts cell-by-cell policies by time and location to precisely manage how any application type performs in the network.