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Investments Customers Can Feel

Are your network enhancements moving the needle on customer quality of experience (QoE)?

Subscribers want webpages to load quickly, videos to play smoothly and Instagram feeds to refresh in an instant. They don’t care if cells are congested, they simply want great experiences. So when network infrastructure and raw capacity are added based on metrics that don’t matter to customers, loyalty suffers. It’s time to make investments customers can feel.

Answer the call for better customer experiences by delivering more Quality on each network Investment (QoI):

  • Achieve up to a 30% improvement in customer experiences with changes to just 20% of planned projects
  • Cut network spending by 10%
  • Increase Net Promoter Scores

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Invest In Quality

Quality on Investment logoQoI-based approaches pinpoint where the lowest levels of investment can yield the biggest impacts that customers are sure to notice.

It combines customer-centric decision making with edge-based (MEC) traffic management solutions to tune the network and surpass customer expectations. Keep customers happy with smarter investing based on QoI.