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Take Back Control
Push Networks Further

Are you getting the maximum performance your network can offer or relying on expensive new capacity to address surging traffic and busy-hour demand spikes?

30% of mobile network cells carry as much as 70% of traffic, inevitably causing frequent mobile data congestion. Adding more network capacity is expensive, requires new spectrum and harder to justify as revenues flatten. It’s a case of diminishing returns. Plus, this capacity is underutilized, with congestion continuing to plague trouble spots at peak times.

On the path to 5G, inefficient networks present crippling obstacles.

Vasona’s SmartAIR® edge solution substantially improves QoE during congestion, constantly analyzing feedback from the network to automatically adapt to service-impacting issues. It is the equivalent of adding 10-20% more network capacity at a fraction of the cost. All while providing the flexibility to deliver new service offerings. We help push networks as far as they can go.

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Invest Smarter,

for Today and Tomorrow

Take back control and transform networks to gain a competitive edge. It is time for networks to break out of endless expansion cycles and be more efficient. When operators want to cap investments in the current technology generation and re-farm spectrum for the next, QoE can suffer. But it does not have to.

Save today to invest smarter in tomorrow. Success in IoT, augmented and virtual reality, smart cities and future technologies depends on smart decision making. It starts with understanding how applications behave in network cells and managing demand spikes to turbo-charge the network for:

  • Greater network resource efficiency
  • Reduced capital expenditures
  • Better customer experience