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Transform for a world
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From The Edge

Is your network ready to capitalize on the promise of 5G and capture new opportunities as it transforms? Is it flexible enough to adapt to broadening demands?

Today, NFV, MEC, ONAP, machine learning and other evolutionary technologies promise countless benefits. And successfully consolidating these technologies as part of large-scale transformation initiatives is a crucial step toward achieving the zero-touch automation, programmability and agility needed to be successful on the road to 5G.

Vasona’s edge-based SmartAIR platform adapts to and learns from the broad array of application demands on the network, making it possible to create tailored offerings that drive new revenue opportunities. Add services seamlessly, while gaining much-needed flexibility, efficiency and agility to truly transform for the future. The competitive edge necessary to succeed depends on it.

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Innovate Without Boundaries

Transform infrastructure to meet industry needs. Markets that span agriculture to automotive, utilities to warehouses, and beyond need help bringing imaginative new use cases to life. Mobile operators are uniquely positioned to provide high-value services to these verticals, and Vasona helps make this possible.

Transformative Use Cases