Video in Transforming Networks

The rise of video in mobile networks happened fast and furiously and is showing no signs of slowing. Social media, IoT video, fixed wireless covering more devices at home — all will contribute to the already overwhelming burden of video on networks.

Mobile video is a key driver of end-user engagement and perceived quality of experience.

Of global smartphone users who consume video, those with 11+ poor experiences per week are 2X as likely to consider switching operators,”  per an Ericsson ConsumerLabs Survey.

That’s why a few years ago, Vasona Networks set out to dramatically improve the mobile video experience.

Vasona offers a new approach for cost-effectively handling traffic growth over today’s networks, including delivering more video sessions for more users at longer duration while saving CapEx. With our SmartAIR edge computing solution, operators are improving busy hour video experiences on existing networks and getting more from each RAN investment.

Looking at a phone
Reduction in start delay icon

18% reduction in start delay

Reduction in average stalls icon

28% reduction in average stalls

Reduction in average stall time icon

26% reduction in average stall time

Reduction in RAN latency icon

25% reduction in RAN latency